The Rock Creek partnership is a group of community-based land stewardship organizations working together to enhance water quality in the Rock Creek basin. Click here to read more about the Partners.

How it works: We offer FREE restoration services to landowners in Clackamas County’s Rock Creek basin. Here are the steps of the program:

  1. Contact us to express interest
  2. We’ll conduct an initial assessment of the current condition and restoration potential of your streamside property
  3. We’ll propose a schedule of restoration activities
  4. Begin work – community work parties will remove invasive species and plant native species
  5. Maintenance and monitoring for two years

Check our Calendar and join us for our next planting! 

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Volunteer for the 6th Annual Rock Creek Watershed Wide Event on March 11th, 2017! 

Check out a VIDEO of the 2015 event here.


Before Restoration

Before Restoration Notice the invasive Himalayan blackberry and English ivy in this photo.

After Planting

After Restoration Notice all of the invasive plants are replaced with native trees and shrubs!

Rock Creek Partnership Newsletter 2013

Rock Creek Partnership Newsletter 2013

Rock Creek Partnership Newsletter 2012


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